Saturday · July 30, 2023

Serve Together by Ryan Johnson, Wally Lewis & Jared Teaney

Ryan Johnson, Wally Lewis, and Jared Teaney are members of a reunion group in Northern Kentucky that is committed to serving others in the name of Jesus. Each shared several of the ways in which they serve personally and collectively. The common denominators of their service are the Greatest Commandments to love God and love our neighbor as ourselves and the Great Commission to go into the world and preach and teach the Gospel. We need to bring God’s love into each and every one of the environments in which we participate. Life keeps getting better when we share God’s love. The acronym BLESS is a good reminder: Begin with prayer, Listen, Eat together, Stories, and Serving. We were left with the question: Are we sharing God’s love?

Author & Photo: Jim Birch