Saturday · July 30, 2023

VdC as an Ecumenical Movement

Steve Siroky started by developing two key categories: Saved people and Unsaved people. This division is a result of satanic powers at work, powers that have appropriated the word ‘ecumenical’ to promote one world religion. Instead, unsaved people should be the objects of evangelism.

Within the saved category, Steve also differentiated between people who need discipling to develop and strengthen their faith and those whose faith enables them to be partners in ministry with other Christians. VdC can be part of the discipling process and promote healthy partnerships.

There was lots of lively discussion about the somewhat arbitrary categories, and just where VdC fits in. Several communities report around 50% or less of candidates attend Lutheran churches. Other communities are much higher. Leaders have to show discernment in the selection of candidates.

Author & Photo: Jim Birch