Welcome Letter

Dear Friend in Christ:


On behalf of the National Lutheran Secretariat (NLS) Executive Committee, I am privileged to share that you are part of this historic hybrid adventure for the 2022 National Via de Cristo Gathering/Annual Meeting. This will be our first opportunity to meet in-person as a community in three years.  In addition, we’ll be providing Facebook Live for select portions of our Annual Gathering for those not able to meet in-person.  The Executive Board has been making plans and preparations for several months now.

We’ll begin on Monday, July 18th with the nominee’s videos for you to preview prior to the Annual Business meeting.  There is a job aid for how to watch the FaceBook Live portions of the Annual Gathering and it will be very informative.  I encourage you to read the job aid so you can be ready and informed on how to participate with the online meeting via chat, which we’ll have someone monitor. Orientation can be helpful to anyone, but it is especially appreciated by anyone who has not attended a FaceBook Live meeting before.  

Before the Annual Gathering,you will be given access to the Virtual Binder, which you can review at your leisure.  Everything from the Keynote Speaker Bio, Exchange of Information (EOS) Sessions and Annual Reports will be available for you to look over on your time.    Our entire Annual Gathering is available online even after the Annual Gathering is over.  Recordings of our Keynote Speaker, EOI Sessions, Spiritual Directors Session and Lay Directors Session will be available to you after the Annual Gathering.  These workshops will help you and give you ideas on how to engage your Fourth Day Community.  Please join us to learn, grow and take back information to your Secretariat!

On Thursday, July 21st, we’ll have our Opening Worship followed by a brief NSL Business Meeting to announce the delegates representing the affiliated Secretariats and formally recognized as present as well as take Nominations from the floor for NLS Executive Committee Open Positions.  Rev. Jennifer Gold will deliver our keynote about “Revival of living our Fourth Day”. We’ll end the night with an Open Q and A Session with All NLS Nominees.  Our Opening Worship, Business Meeting and Keynote Speaker will be available on FaceBook Live. 

On Friday, July 22nd, the Lay Directors and Spiritual Directors will meet early to have their own roundtable sessions.  Afterwards our first Forum session on “Revival of Love” Roundtable led by Father Steven Kalas.  We’ll go into breakout sessions to share our insights and return to the main room to debrief together. Our second Forum session on “What’s disciple in the world we have now? by Becky Del Rio. There will be no FaceBook Live sessions available on this day.

On Saturday, July 23rd, our third Forum session on Supernatural Love by Jason Cole.

You have a choice of several EOI sessions.  We’ll break for lunch and our Annual Business Meeting will reconvene at 1:15pm central time. The delegates will represent the “voice” of the NLS.  Guests are welcome and encouraged to attend.  During the Annual Business Meeting, guests will be able to chat/type/ask questions but cannot vote.  The delegates will vote in-person.  The Annual Gathering is your opportunity to grow, learn and share with brothers and sisters in Christ from across the country.   

The Annual Business Meeting concludes with a preview of the 2023 Annual Gathering ­­and closing worship.   The Annual Business Meeting and Closing Worship will be available on FaceBook Live.

If I can be of assistance to you with this 2022 National Via de Cristo Annual Gathering, please feel free to contact me.  You can text or call me at 972-658-4387.

I pray for God’s revival of our Fourth Day community and pray the Lord will continue to watch over us.

God loves you and so do I,
Jane Winge
NLS Vice President of Administration