Friday Evening music in the dorm

Hanging out and having fun! Photos by Jean Eisen

Building on our 50th Anniversary by David Leverenz, Dick Link, and Jim Birch

This EOI topic was led by 3 individuals who have been involved in the movement for many years and with various secretariats. They discussed some of the changes they’ve seen over the years, especially with the use of technology and music. As we move into the next 50 years, our goal continues to be about building relationships, both with others and with Christ. Author: Diana Clements-Scott Photo by Jean Eisen

Forum 2: Debbie Kloos

Debbie continued leading us in our “Encourage One Another” theme. She shared a couple of her favorite acronyms LOVE = Listen Obey Value Encourage and SERVE = Selfless Everlasting Response Values Everyone. Debbie was struck by how God moves us to include similar topics when the writing weekend talks – her inclusion of her church’s card ministry and Pr Sharon’s inclusion of the Barnabas cards. No act of loving service is ever lost!

EOI Updating our website with video testimonials

Charissa Aclin and BobbieJo Koski joined forces for this EOI. Charissa spoke about how important it is to make sure your secretariat website is active and updated. She also spoke about the importance of having pamphlets to be able to hand out. While she was doing that, BobbieJo took individuals to the next room and set up a video questionnaire where she asked individuals for their names, what secretariat they are from, and why is...

Encouraging One Another Even With Differences

The social environment has created a divide within our movement. The impact permeates many levels, beginning with unity between Spiritual Directors and the effect is tunnelling down through the team and pilgrims. Our focus on scripture is shifting and accommodating our emotions.

Engaging Younger Christians

During the engaging younger christians session we discussed how can we get our Millennials and Generation Z not only into our churches, but participate in VDC. Discussion including a Sermon named ” Growing Young” and pairing young with the elderly to share, how to include technology for the new generation because it is a part of their lives, and “experience” outside the box (social media). To engage the younger generations, we need to find out...

Forum #1 – Randy Long

Randy’s message on “Encourage One Another” spoke of ways to encourage without using words. He shared of the difficulties he’s faced in life and how he has been encouraged by God and VDC. Randy and several VDC Brothers encourage others through acts of service – God’s Love in Action! God is not done … there is more to come! Author: Jean Eisen Photo: Debbie Kloos

Lay Directors Round Table

Much of the discussion in the Lay Directors Roundtable was around engagement and the commitment of the community in post covid life. There were examples given where secretariats struggle, and examples where secretariats are coming back strong from Covid. Several ideas were offered up as ways to help in this area including: 1. Celebrate volunteers: Find ways to thank those who are very involved and let them know we appreciate them, as does God 2....

Sharing Secretariat Organization & Recruiting Best Practices

Participants learned that each of the secretariats represented were organized with different methods of nominating their secretariat positions. Hopefully the sharing will give people new ideas that they might try. The issue of how to organize in such a way to reach out to, and include, people in their 20’s and 30’s who do most everything online was a heavily discussed topic. By Rev. Ron Poisel

Regional Coordinator Roundtable – Karen Weires

The Regional Coordinator Roundtable was attended by 11 people, both RCs and a few others who were interested in what the position does. Much of the discussion was related to preparation for the regional meetings being held this evening. Our “Encouragement” theme was evident in building relationships between the RC and Secretariats and between the RCs and Executive Board. Author: Jean Eisen Photo: Jean Eisen

Spiritual Directors Round Table

Pastors and lay leaders reported their secretariat weekends were up and running, post pandemic. Issues with low number of pilgrims and SD for some. Numbers are up for others. Consensus that coed retreats may be the way of the future. Efforts to provoke pastor participation in VdC will take the forms of a testimonial video and colorful brochure. The SD Manual needs updated. The growth of the movement may depend on being more openly ecumenical....

Enhancing Music

Brian Comeno opened a well-attended EOI session by asking how many communities have a full band at every weekend playing at least six or eight new contemporary Christian songs. That question pointed out just how varied the community experiences were, with several communities struggling with one (or less!) musicians and most playing from the same songbooks developed years ago. Brian shared some ideas about recruiting musicians, selecting music that connects with all ages, how to...