Making Our Social Media Communications More Effective with Heather Muga

This session was attended primarily by people who work with their Secretariat’s Facebook page. We discussed settings for credential access and how various Secretariats are using FB, i.e. what kinds of content they are posting. A request was made to submit weekend dates to NLS so they can be posted on the Palanca page. Author: Jean EisenPhoto by Jean Eisen

Re-engaging Inactive VdC Members

Rev. Paul Schmidlin lead a discussion on how to re-engage the inactive VdC members. He began with discussing why members are going inactive. And moved to discussing how to proceed to get them back involved in the VdC Community and how we can use Be a Friend, Make a Friend, Bring a Friend to reinvigorate the VdC community. Authour & Photo: Kim Silence

Weekend Best Practices

BobbieJo Koski began with a brief overview of the VdC Essentials, then opened the floor to the group for discussion. After a brief discussion on how various groups work with the handouts/write downs, the group then shared how they approach running a weekend. Author & Photo: Amanda Hunter

VdC as an Ecumenical Movement

Steve Siroky started by developing two key categories: Saved people and Unsaved people. This division is a result of satanic powers at work, powers that have appropriated the word ‘ecumenical’ to promote one world religion. Instead, unsaved people should be the objects of evangelism. Within the saved category, Steve also differentiated between people who need discipling to develop and strengthen their faith and those whose faith enables them to be partners in ministry with other...

Business Meeting Part 2

John Aclin reopened the meeting. The survey drawing was held with Craig Sogebiel winnning the gift back donated by INKY VdC. John re-announced that Carolyn Witham as Secretaryand Karen Weires as Vice President Outreach were accepted by Acclimation on Thursday. The ballot for President and the Budget Approval were opened and votes cast. While the votes were being counted, John Aclin gave the state of VdC. The 2024 Host Committee formally announced the next Annual...

Serve Together by Ryan Johnson, Wally Lewis & Jared Teaney

Ryan Johnson, Wally Lewis, and Jared Teaney are members of a reunion group in Northern Kentucky that is committed to serving others in the name of Jesus. Each shared several of the ways in which they serve personally and collectively. The common denominators of their service are the Greatest Commandments to love God and love our neighbor as ourselves and the Great Commission to go into the world and preach and teach the Gospel. We...

Friday Evening music in the dorm

Hanging out and having fun! Photos by Jean Eisen

Building on our 50th Anniversary by David Leverenz, Dick Link, and Jim Birch

This EOI topic was led by 3 individuals who have been involved in the movement for many years and with various secretariats. They discussed some of the changes they’ve seen over the years, especially with the use of technology and music. As we move into the next 50 years, our goal continues to be about building relationships, both with others and with Christ. Author: Diana Clements-Scott Photo by Jean Eisen

Forum 2: Debbie Kloos

Debbie continued leading us in our “Encourage One Another” theme. She shared a couple of her favorite acronyms LOVE = Listen Obey Value Encourage and SERVE = Selfless Everlasting Response Values Everyone. Debbie was struck by how God moves us to include similar topics when the writing weekend talks – her inclusion of her church’s card ministry and Pr Sharon’s inclusion of the Barnabas cards. No act of loving service is ever lost!

EOI Updating our website with video testimonials

Charissa Aclin and BobbieJo Koski joined forces for this EOI. Charissa spoke about how important it is to make sure your secretariat website is active and updated. She also spoke about the importance of having pamphlets to be able to hand out. While she was doing that, BobbieJo took individuals to the next room and set up a video questionnaire where she asked individuals for their names, what secretariat they are from, and why is...

Encouraging One Another Even With Differences

The social environment has created a divide within our movement. The impact permeates many levels, beginning with unity between Spiritual Directors and the effect is tunnelling down through the team and pilgrims. Our focus on scripture is shifting and accommodating our emotions.

Engaging Younger Christians

During the engaging younger christians session we discussed how can we get our Millennials and Generation Z not only into our churches, but participate in VDC. Discussion including a Sermon named ” Growing Young” and pairing young with the elderly to share, how to include technology for the new generation because it is a part of their lives, and “experience” outside the box (social media). To engage the younger generations, we need to find out...