Regional Coordinator

Regional Coordinator

Role Description

The Regional Coordinator is a responsible servant of Jesus Christ who wishes to glorify God by coordinating regional activities to: assist existing Via de Cristo communities in fulfilling their call; liaise with the leadership of the affiliated secretariats to obtain information regarding their needs, wellbeing, and concerns; support education around the Essentials of Via de Cristo (VdC); and support the development of new VdC communities

  • A National Lutheran Secretariat (NLS) position appointed by the Vice President of Outreach (VPO) with the approval Executive Committee (EC). The position will be reviewed annually and continued only by mutual consent of the current appointee and the VPO with EC approval.
  • Term: Four years
  • Serves without compensation.
  • Accountable to the NLS EC through the VPO.

Essential Functions and Responsibilities

  1. Pray regularly for the leadership of the affiliated secretariats within their region and others within the NLS as the Lord leads.
  2. Be an active member of a renewal group.
  3. Build trust with the Lay Leadership of the VdC communities in their region.
  4. Work with the VdC communities in their region to help them become and remain vibrant which may include, but is not limited to:
    • Communicating frequently with leaders of existing communities;
    • Using tools such as the “Wellness Checklist” and the Rediscover and Recommit Workshop to identify possible areas of improvement and work with Lay Leaders to build and execute a plan to address concerns;
    • Providing education around The Essentials of VdC and ensure that the Lay Leaders are working within The Essentials;
    • Help identify any problems or conflicts within or between existing
      secretariats and assist to resolve using a neutral approach. Escalate to VPO/EC if needed to assist in the resolution;
    • Maintain correct contact information of the Lay Leaders within each
      secretariat within your region and changes via local elections.
  5. Commit (as best as possible) to the follow calendar of events:
    • Monthly meeting with VPO
    • Monthly- contact with each secretariat.
    • Every 2 months- have a virtual (video or call) meeting with Lay
      Directors (or other leaders).
    • Quarterly- verify contact info is up to date and submit to the
      National Database Coordinator.
    • Bi-annual- Regional Ultreya
    • Annual- NLS Annual Gathering

Other Duties

As assigned by the VPO to support local interest for the generation of new secretariats. This may include but not limited to:

  • Connecting the VPO with potential leaders of new communities;
  • Asking and scheduling opportunities to present temple talks at churches or pastoral functions;
  • Asking others to pray for the potential new communities and to offer help where possible;
  • Soliciting experienced community members who will freely give of their time to assist new secretariats get started.
  • Visiting new affiliated secretariats to re-explain the mission and ministry of VdC and the role of the NLS;
  • Assuring all proper materials are delivered to the new leadership; and Working with new affiliated secretariats to assure they are adhering to the VdC Essentials.

  • Extensive knowledge of the VdC history and Essentials.
  • Coordinate public relations programs to promote VdC.
  • Good leadership, organizational and facilitator skills.
  • Ability to work well with people.
  • Ability to teach and nurture leadership.
  • Flexibility and preparedness.
  • Reasonable computer knowledge in order to stay current with e-mail
    correspondence, Virtual meetings, Ultreyas, etc., as is necessary with the NLS and secretariats within the Region.

Fiscal Responsibility

All expenditures must be approved prior to travel. All appropriate expenditures/expense reports or receipts are to be filed with the NLS VPO and then submitted to the NLS Treasurer.

Extent of Public Contact: High

The Regional Coordinators will have extensive contact with people from all walks of life. As an official representative of VdC, the Regional Coordinator will come in contact with people who are: seeking assistance in maintaining the community they are involved in; curious about VdC; and excited to begin a new community. The
Regional Coordinator may also contact Church officials, government officials, educational leaders, as well as the many Cursillistas who wish to make use of the resources VdC has to offer.

Physical Demands

Due to the nature of the position, there will be significant physical demands placed on the Regional Coordinator because of regional travel and long meetings that include phone conversations.

Working Conditions/Environment

To discern the will of the Spirit in reaching out to new and existing communities by educating and encouraging lay people, clergy and congregations.