Role Description

The Treasurer is a responsible servant of Jesus Christ who wishes to glorify God by managing the NLS funds and maintaining the financial records.

  • Elected by the delegates at a National Lutheran Secretariat (NLS) meeting to serve a two-year term. Renewable by election for a second two-year term
  • Serves without compensation
  • Accountable to NLS President and the Executive Committee (EC)

Essential Functions and Responsibilities

  1. Prays regularly for the leaders of the affiliated secretariats and the members of the NLS Executive Board (EB)
  2. Participates as an active member of a Renewal Group
  3. Collaborate with the Executive Director to build a fund raising plan as directed by the Executive Committee
  4. Fiduciary responsibility for NLS funds
    • Receive and deposit funds.
    • Record contributions.
    • Record all other deposits.
    • Reconcile accounts – checking, savings and investment.
    • Pay all bills and reimbursements of expenses in a timely fashion.
    • Use compatible software to keep records (currently we use Quickbooks)
    • Maintain designated and restricted funds.
    • Prepare quarterly reports (Excel worksheets) and report to the EB.
    • Prepare the records for the fiscal year ending May 31 and provide to the designated agent for reconciliation by July 31.
    • Obtain the records from the NLS Distribution Center and merge with the General Ledger by a journal entry.
    • At the Annual Gathering, review the books of the Distribution Center and records or delegate to the designated agent.
    • Prepare reports for the Annual Gathering and send to the Host Committee in time for inclusion in the binder. Send this as “Preliminary” since the numbers can change during the Gathering. Bring the reports on disk in case adjustments are needed.
    • Present financial reports at the Annual Gathering.
    • Participate in the Mid-Year Meeting and National VdC Annual Gathering.
      • Mid-year: Present Profit and Loss and Balance Sheet reports, as of the end of the month prior to the meeting. Work with the Host Committee to create a budget for the upcoming National VdC Annual Gathering.
      • National VdC Annual Gathering: present the fiscal year reports to the gathered delegates; prepare a preliminary budget as a starting point for the Executive Board discussions; bring any other topics to the meeting to discuss or consider; make changes to the preliminary budget so it can be distributed at the Business Meeting on the second day when the budget is presented to the gathered delegates; and participate in a developmental workshop for Finance/Budget at the Annual Gathering as requested.
    • Send emails to all secretariats by February 15 requesting their dues payment for the current fiscal year.
    • Work with the Non-Profit Compliance Coordinator to verify, prepare and file necessary government and corporate forms: IRS Tax Report Form 990EZ, Annual Minnesota Corporate Registration, and Annual Minnesota Charities Report.

Other Duties

Provide an annual report of activities to the Vice President of Administration for inclusion in the Annual Gathering binder no later than June 15 of each year. Maintain an accurate and timely manual for this position including a timeline of
responsibilities. As assigned by the NLS President

Supervisory Responsibilities

  • Treasurer may engage a financial consultant to handle more technical aspects of accounting, as needed, and has the authority to interact with/utilize additional resources to assist with responsibilities, including the filling of appropriate federal, state and local taxes.
  • Train and assist in the transition of any future treasurers.

  • Accounting and financial record keeping skills
  • Diligence in follow through
  • Good time management skills
  • Able to create budgets
  • Work well with others

Additional Fiscal Responsibility

An offering is collected at one worship service National Annual Gathering. The EC will discuss and designate the use of these funds.

Physical Demands

Travel and time commitment for Mid-Year Meeting and Annual Gathering. Check writing.