VP Outreach (VPO)

VP Outreach (VPO)

Role Description

The Vice-President for Outreach (VPO) is a responsible servant of Jesus Christ who wishes to glorify God by coordinating outreach activities for the development of new Via de Cristo (VdC) communities and assists exiting VdC communities fulfill their call.

  • Elected by the delegates at a National Lutheran Secretariat (NLS) Annual Gathering to serve a two-year term. Renewable by election for a second two-year term
  • Serves without compensation
  • Accountable to NLS President and the Executive Committee (EC)
  • Vice President #2

Essential Functions and Responsibilities

  1. Prays regularly for the leaders of NLS affiliated Secretariats and the members of the NLS Executive Board.
  2. Participates as an active member of a Renewal Group
  3. Search out possible areas of the country and world where Via de Cristo could have a positive influence on their local environments.
  4. Trains, oversees and coordinates the interactions and efforts of the Regional Coordinators to assure necessary liaison and functions are maintained.
  5. Visits communities and explains the mission and ministry of VdC and the role of the NLS. First visits to new movements should be informative in nature. Subsequent visits or communications should be organizational in nature.
  6. Communicates frequently with potential leaders of new communities.
  7. Solicits experienced VdC community members, who will freely give of their time, to begin new secretariats.
  8. Provides NLS materials to potential secretariats.
  9. Along with the Regional Coordinators, works with new secretariats to ensure they adhere to the VdC Essentials.
  10. Asks and schedules opportunities to present temple talks at churches or pastoral functions. Help with other activities to promote VdC.
  11. Keeps the entire VdC community informed (through emails, newsletter and web site) about new secretariat activities.
  1. Ask others to pray for the new movements and to offer help where possible.
  2. Jointly with the Regional Coordinators, communicates frequently with leaders of existing communities.
  3. If necessary, support the NLS Secretary, VPA and Regional Coordinators to provide accurate number and names of eligible delegates to the VPA by July 1 of each year for the Annual Gathering.
  4. Maintains an accurate and timely manual for this position including a timeline of responsibilities.
  5. Provides an annual report of activities to the Vice President of Administration for inclusion in the Annual Gathering binder no later than June 15 of each year.

Other Duties

As assigned by the NLS President

Supervisory Responsibilities

Participation in the Vision Committee, as needed, and the National VdC Annual Gathering Host Committee for outreach and long range planning.

  • Responsible for outreach documents on the NLS website
  • Extensive knowledge of the VdC ministry and history
  • Coordinate public relations programs to promote VdC
  • Good leadership, organizational and facilitator skills
  • Ability to work well with people
  • Ability to teach and nurture leadership
  • Flexibility and preparedness
  • Reasonable computer knowledge in order to keep current with email on a timely basis and keep information on the web site current.

Fiscal Responsibility

The VPO will manage the NLS Outreach budget as it relates to the expenses of the Regional Coordinators to assure appropriate support is provided to affiliated secretariats and will approve appropriate expenditures and expense reports with necessary documentation filed with the NLS Treasurer.

Also, the Outreach budget for travel – assure appropriate expenditures/expense reports or receipts are filed with the NLS Treasurer that relate to the position, travel and needs for meetings.

Extent of Public Contact: High

The VPO will have extensive contact with people from all walks of life. As an official representative of VdC, the VPO will come in contact with people who are curious about VdC and people who are excited to begin a new secretariat. The VPO may also make contact with Church officials, government officials, educational leaders, representatives from other countries, as well as many pilgrims who wish to make use of the resources VdC has to offer.

Physical Demands

Due to the nature of the position, there will be significant physical demands placed on the VPO because of travel, long meetings, and lengthy phone conversations.